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Create your Own Neon Logo

Create your Own Neon Logo

I found this fun little website where you can type whatever you want and it will automatically create a neon street logo for you! You can even change the color and download the file straight to your computer. There are ways to create neon looking lights in photoshop for more intricate design with more control over your work. This is just fun.


Dec. 11, 1910 The Day Neon was Invented

This article explains how who created the first neon lights. The frenzy began with Georges Claude when he displayed his creation on Dec 11, 1910 at the Paris Expo. Las Angeles was the first city in the United States to experience the neon glow.


Here is a nice example on how just a pinch of neon can brighten things up. It is simple and not obtrusive but still noticeable. 

Throwing up Neon

I have yet to receive an invitation to the new and improved Myspace but I am hoping that when I do I will not have to see page layouts like this. Why is there so much going on? How could you ever cyber stock this page when the words are hidden behind all of the design. haha

SOAK packaging Clearly Bright and Beautiful

At first glance I thought this was hand soap but then I kept reading. This is actually soap for your most precious fabrics. It is natural and gentle. These characteristics shine through the design which is soft and subtle.

Neon Splash Dash

Is it just me that quickly gravitates to anything that involves glowing paint being thrown in your face? If there is a glow stick near by you will catch me cutting it open to splash the liquid neon glow EVERYWHERE. I do not enjoy running but the Neon Splash Dash seems more like a fun party. 

STIGA Pure - Table Tennis Paddles

I have always hated the stale green of the table in table tennis. It makes the room look dull. These neon bright paddles will take care of that. They are fun and you can choose between multiple colors!
I can now say Neon is everywhere.

LISA FRANK (in all caps due to my enthusiasm for this brand)

I can not write about neon design or neon anything with out mentioning my childhood favorite designer of all things girl Lisa Frank! Everything in multi neon bright colors, anything a young girl could imagine. The first day of school would not of been the first day of school without the splash of neon that Lisa Frank offers.

Bermellón Confectionery Shop

Taking the spicy flavors of Mexican cuisine to sweet flavors of Mexican street candy. The bright colored packaging scream Mexican heritage but the simple bottling creates a more elegant feel. Personally my favorite is the bag that they created for the product. The simple one bright color ads just enough spice. I am not a fan of the gradient.

Pucker Vodka and its brightly neon colored Packaging

The controversy was all in the neon colored packaging of Pucker’s new line of Vodkas. Some thought that it was clearly marketed to children. I see it and think that is clearly marketed to women or men, whomever likes super sweet fruity flavored drinks.