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Pucker Vodka and its brightly neon colored Packaging

The controversy was all in the neon colored packaging of Pucker’s new line of Vodkas. Some thought that it was clearly marketed to children. I see it and think that is clearly marketed to women or men, whomever likes super sweet fruity flavored drinks.


Not Neon Colors but Neon Trees

The band Neon Trees has nothing to do with being in any sort of neon color or light but they did do some great posters for each and every one of their songs on their new album, Picture Show. Each poster included on the packaging of the album 😛

Viliv Redesign

Products for after care of your plastic surgery combined with colors that may not be considered “real colors”, at least not colors you can make by just mixing your crayolas. This seems like a great match. 

Dan Flavin

His medium was florescent light. Another form of designing art with electricity and tubes to create light art. His minimalist designs brought light to any room of shape and size.

A Timeline of Neon

Neon is here to stay and is still evolving.

neon human tetris pieces skate down the streets to create a 36 person game board. Very cool and what better way to see it then in neon.

Ray Ban Colorize Campaign!!

Messy color of the commercials done right with clean and focused print! I think this campaign is beautiful. It also keeps the voice of who Ray Ban is and what they are selling. Revitalizing the classic Wayfarer frames and adding color that is reminiscent of the famous Pop art of the ’60’s. The Glasses and the art form are timeless some form of the two together was a perfect fit.

Neon the way I do not Like it

Neon took over the 2012 London Olympics. I can’t say I was too excited for this. I do not like the logo for this years olympics. It does not feel like 2012 to me but it does feel like 80’s early 90’s. It almost feels messy to me. This just did not say the OLYMPICS.

Neon Signs Banned in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

In 2007 there was talk of neon signs are not being allowed on the streets, let alone anywhere outside, of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. They want to cut the clutter and to ban any outdoor advertising including Neon signs.  They want to reduce the “visual pollution”. Imagine driving home from work without the glare of bright pinks and blues one your windshield. I am on both sides of the situation. It would be nice to take away all of the clutter of the street but i do enjoy the colors.

The commercial takes the traditional neon lit signs and brings them into a new medium. The neon ads to the woman’s glow after she has used the soap. I think it is clever to show the glowing aspect as the signs we see glow every night as we drive down the city streets. It is familiar enough that people know the main point of the ad is to say we can make you shine, glow, be radient if you use our soap.